Take a moment to THINK about movement.

What comes to mind?

Did you picture the physical aspects – Walking, running, lifting, stretching, dancing?

Did you think of the ways movement helps – strengthen muscles, lubricate joints, support range of motion?

Did you notice how the thoughts activated emotions?

For many of us, (me being one) it can activate mixed emotions and old stories, reminding us that physical movement supports and strengthens more than the physical body we reside in. Much like perspiration works to rid the body of toxins, movement can help to rid the body, mind, and soul of stored emotional toxins.

Overtime, accumulation of emotional baggage finds ways to fester and grow. Emotional reactivity and intensity increases and becomes harder to turn off.

New clients will often share that they “can’t control their emotions”. Studies are showing that the pandemic has increased peoples consumption of vices to cope and to numb. Examples include phone use, binge watching TV, food, alcohol and drugs. If you can relate – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

man siting on a rock meditating

When you find yourself experiencing uncomfortable emotions, I invite you to use movement to stay with them rather than turn away from them. One I find extremely helpful is to stand with your feet hip distance apart (or wider), bend the knees and hinge at the hips into a forward fold. Rest your belly on your thighs and let your arms and head dangle while gently swaying back and forth. Stay here for at least 3 cycles of breath, making sure to fully empty the lungs with each exhale. When you feel ready, slowly curl your spine back up, rising to a standing position. Pause here and take a moment to check in with yourself.

Thanks for taking this time with me,