Many people ask what Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic) Acupuncture is and how it can help them.

Like all forms of acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic) Acupuncture (FRA) treats the whole person, and is much more than just reducing wrinkles on the face. FRA will help you look younger and feel better without the use of any drugs or chemicals.

Depending on the individual, the number of needles used per treatment varies. Typically there are body points as well as several facial points that are treated.

The sessions are usually 60-90 minutes. The patient lays comfortably on their back and relaxes, lights dimmed, soft music if so desired.

While results can start showing after one or two treatments, patients will experience optimal, longer lasting results by completing 10-12 weekly treatments.

Benefits include:

  • Potential increase in collagen production and its dispersal locally
  • Can decrease tendency towards sagging and jowls
  • Helps reduce and at times eliminates puffiness
  • Helps reduce fine lines on the face and diminishes larger wrinkles
  • Moisturizes the skin by increasing local circulation of blood and lymph
  • Improves facial color
  • Can reduce double chin
  • Can tighten pores
  • Brightens eyes
  • Reduces stress evident on the face
  • Promotes overall well-being
  • Brings out a person’s innate beauty and radiance

While results vary from patient to patient here’s an average breakdown of possible results:

Weeks 1-2: Hydrated, softened and glowing skin. The face may appear more relaxed, tension in the brow and jawline can decrease. possible increase in colour and a brightened complexion.

Weeks 3-4: A lifting and tightening sensation can be reported in weakened and droopy muscles. The skin continues to feel softer and large pores may start to minimize.  Fine lines may begin to soften.

Weeks 5, 6 & 7: The stimulation of collagen will become most evident during weeks 5-7. The skin around the mouth and cheeks may feel tighter and the lines around the mouth begin to soften. The face may look and feel lifted, plumper and brighter.

Weeks 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12: The face will continue to feel firmer, hydrated and taut. The complexion may feel more even, large pores may be even smaller and any redness diminished. The folds of the nose and corners of the mouth will often decrease.

Maintenance: The results achieved after a series of 10-12 treatments will vary and depend on age and the body’s ability to respond to the stimulation that Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment provides. It is generally accepted that the healthier you are, the more optimal the results will be. The results of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, like general acupuncture are cumulative. This means that benefits will often continue to improve with each treatment. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4-8 weeks and will depend on age and skin type. The results achieved, when maintained, can last for years.

Side effects: While side effects are rare and uncommon, there are some that can occur and are considered to be a normal part of the procedure:

Soreness/pain, bruising, and redness at the sites of needle insertion. The pain or soreness typically goes away very quickly. Bruising that may occur and could take a day or two to subside. These reactions are considered normal and a part of the treatment. In addition, it is important to mention most people do not experience side effects. As with most treatments, a brief consult to ensure this treatment is right for you is recommended. I offer no-charge 15 minute video consultations that can be booked online on this site, or you can call or email to book.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture has been in my scope of practice for many years and I’m happy to know it has helped so many of my patients.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

Afsoun Khalili

Dr. Afsoun Khalili, ND