For many of us, Fall feels like the start of a new year; Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder, wrapping up, a new school year and for some, a return to a commute.

With every change, comes an ending and this can make for experiences and emotions that are disorienting.

When we embark on change, even the good kind like reconnecting with friends or sending our children to school, we are in some way changing our knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Despite all the good reasons for the change, the ‘old way’ provided some aspect of structure and routine.

We can experience things like disengagement, disidentification and disorientation when the structure and routines we have had in place are no longer the same. Children are experiencing this as they return to in-person learning. Some feel excitement and disinterest, simultaneously. Such is the case in my home.

Genuine beginnings depend upon inner realignments rather than external shifts. This is called personal integration. This is where Zones of Stability can be of support. They are personal care strategies that compliment the individual and help them get through the hard parts of change and transition.

A therapist can be of assistance in helping you come to know ways to best support yourself while you embark on change in your life. This can also be applied to families, while individualizing each family members personal needs.

Changes and transitions do not have to feel more draining, than energizing. Simple, yet effective tools can make it easier.

If you’d like to learn more, or if you have questions, please book a complementary 15 minute psychotherapy consultation.

Take Care of Yourself – You are Worth it.