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Holistic Nutrition is not about fad diets.

Holistic Nutrition takes into account the individual needs of each person, recognizing there is ‘no one-size fits all’ approach to healthy eating. It’s about being real and eating real. That cooking healthy recipes and eating whole, unprocessed, mostly plant-based foods as often as possible, is the key to great wellness.

Nearly all illness can relate to inadequate nutrition. As such, it makes sense that nutrition can improve the status of many imbalances.

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) will collaborate with you to come up with a customized nutrition plan so that you know exactly what you’re eating and when.

If you have worked with one of our Naturopathic Doctors and have been diagnosed with diabetes, Celiac disease or a food sensitivity that can make food choices a challenge our RHN is here for you.

If you are struggling to lose weight or to eat the right foods, the RHN can help.
You will be provided with easy-to-follow recipes and a grocery list so that shopping for all of the ingredients that you need will be easy!

As you follow your personal plan, we will review your progress and make modifications to your nutrition plan as necessary. Although your main goal might be to see changes in your body, proper nutrition can improve energy, stamina, mental/emotional levels and, help you feel great about yourself.

While you work on changing your eating habits we are truly here to guide you along the way towards your goals. As part of our nutrition services, you can contact our RHN by phone, email, or text whenever you need answers about ideas, recipes, or the choices you are making.

Let’s make today the day that you change the way that you eat for the better!

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist can provide:

  • Personalized Nutritional Assessments
  • Customized Healthy Weight Loss Programs
  • Food sensitivity Support
  • Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Support

  • Improved Digestive Function Support
  • Cleansing and Detoxification Support
  • Diabetic and Blood Sugar Support

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