This little gnome was not purchased to be a garden delight, rather it was to help me break the habit of complaining about the dirty dishes.

When we embark on some sort of change in our life, whether that be a change in how we communicate, make, or break a habit, we will inevitably experience growing pains along the way. We are going to make mistakes and the growing pains are an essential part of change (they build resilience). Unfortunately, all too often, they are misperceived as failures (“It’s not working”) and lead people to give up.

To help minimize growing pains, we need all our senses to team up with the brain to support us through the Transitionary phase of Change. It can feel discombobulating when we are trying to resist the urge to pick up an ‘old tool’ while simultaneously, trying to use a ‘new tool’ that is, at first unfamiliar.

For example, when I resisted the urge to vocalize how I felt about the dirty dishes (old tool = complaining), I would pause, look at Gnome, take a few deep breaths, and then ask for help with the dishes (new tool = team effort).

One sensory support that can be helpful, is visual aid. Whether that be a Gnome covering its mouth above the kitchen sink, a picture placed in a visible location, or a reminder programmed into your phone. When we can take a PAUSE and VIEW, we tap into the WHY (Why am I embarking on this change?) and the HOW (How am I taking action to create the desired change?)

What are ways you have utilized your senses to support change in your life?

Keep Growing everyone… You are so Worth It!