Did you know vitamin C also kicks your energy levels up a notch?

Your body can become depleted of vitamin C when you’re stressed out from work, home or intense exercise. The more daily stress you’re under, the less vitamin C your body has. This affects your cortisol hormone. Although cortisol is called the “stress hormone”, it is also the main hormone that keeps you awake and gives you energy to get through the day.

Without vitamin C, you’ll feel sluggish, tired and even the easiest of daily tasks can feel harder to manage.

Our bodies don’t store vitamin C very well. As such, it is important for us to consume it every day. Foods like bell peppers, kale, kiwis, strawberries and oranges are great sources of vitamin C. The problem for many of us is we don’t get enough of those foods to ensure proper levels. If you’re feeling run down and fatigue is ongoing, you may require vitamin C supplements or I.V. vitamin C therapy to bring your body back to optimal health.